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In 1958, at Safipur, Unnao, U.P. Hazrat Baqai has founded this institution Darul Uloom, later on due to management issues. In 1961 Yateemkhana Safvia was shifted to Colonelganj, Gonda,Uttar Pradesh.Hazrat Baqai has named the institution on the of Hazrat Shaikh Abdus Samad (Makhdoom Shah Safi Shah Vilayat Safipuri) as Yateemkhana Safvia, which was later became famous as Darul Uloom Yateemkhana Safvia.The land on which the building Darul Uloom Yateemkhana Safvia is established, was donated by Haji Abdul Lateef Baqai to Khankah of Hazrat Baqai, which was re-donated by Hazrat Baqai for Islamic Institution (Madarsa), later 10,000 sq. ft. of land was purchased from the government by his grand son (Present Care Taker) Hazrat Syed Mohammad Shoeb Aleem Baqai in 1994.Presently Syed Abid Baqai being on the post of manager, dedicated his life to serve for the betterment of the institution with his brother Mr. Shoeb Aleem Baqai.

Construction And Infrastructure

Land donated by Haji Abdul Lateef Baqai to Khankah of Hazrat Baqai

The social and cultural condition of Gonda was very poor, when he went there, at that time, people were unaware of Islamic rules and principles and were involved in the traditions of polytheism. Without education none of the nation can grow. Hence, he has established Islamic schools (Madarsa) in many villages and the main centre of those schools was Darul Uloom Yateemkhana Safvia, Colonelganj Gonda,The construction of building started in the supervision of Hazrat Baqai, and then with the help of disciples, followers, believers, lovers and other social worker of Silsile Aaliya Baqaiya, the constriction was continued. In 1979, after the death of Hazrat Baqai, the construction was done in the supervision of Hazrat Syed Athar Aleem Baqai (Heir). In 1996, after the death of Syed Athar Aleem Baqai, the responsibility of Institution was taken by Hazrat Syed Shoeb Aleem Baqai, and still going on in his supervision. Present building is of 2 floor which has 36 rooms and A big entrance. One room of the institution was donated by Mr. Basheer Ahmad S/0 Hafiz Mohammad Haleem and one other room was donated by Haji Muzaffar Uddin Colonelganjvi and all the doors and windows of institution was donated by Haji Khuda Baksh Baqai, Bhingaha Bazar, Bahraich. The Society of Darul Uloom was registered on 01-05-1978 as Yateemkhana Safvia (Home for teaching and preaching of children).Till 2010 the quantity of pass out student is 3050.


  • Our aim is to provide a girls degree college.
  • Our aim is to provide a hospital for an unassisted and poor people.
  • Need your blessings in our respective work for humanity.

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