Without education none of the Nation can grow.

The aims and objectives of the Darul Uloom Yateemkhana Safvia includes providing a homely and congenial atmosphere to the orphans; imparting teachings, Islamic as well as Mini ITI education to the orphans in the medium of Urdu and to take care of them so that they be kept away from waywardness.Darul Uloom Yateemkhana Safvia is giving due importance to character building so that the orphans may prove beneficial to the countrymen in general and good to the community in particular; imparting such education to the orphans as ordained by Islam; preparing them to resist immoral tendencies prevalent in the society and for that purpose special emphasis shall be given to their mental and physical health; imparting such education which makes them, on the one hand a responsible citizen.

Future Plans

Darul Uloom Yateemkhana Safvia has several plans in the pipeline

Darul Uloom Yateemkhana Safvia shall continue to chalk out future plans to try implement them as and when need be and as per available resources.

  1. Establishment of Girls College,hostel Mashhudiya and great Library.
  2. To modify mini ITI into an ITI Centre.
  3. Reconstruction of building.

What Our Students Say