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Founder of Institution Hazrat Syed Shah Al-haj Abdul Aleem Saheb Qibla Baqai (R.A.) was born on Ist September 1904 at a historical town Asiwan Shareef of district Unnao, U.P. His historical name is Zafar Alam and famous name is Abdul Aleem Baqai. He belongs to a Syed Family from both maternal and paternal side. His father was Hazrat Hafiz wa Qari Hakeem Munshi Mazhar Aleem Saheb (R.A.) who was the son of Hazrat Makhdoom Shah Ali Jajmauee. (R.A.) His mother (A.R.) was the daughter of Hazrat Meera Syed Alauddin Baqai. (R.A.) His family was a stiff follower of Shariyat-E-Mohammadiya of Prophet Mohammad (P.B.U.H.) and they gave their life long contribution for Deen-e-Islam.

He was unparallel in self controls and its almost impossible to find his equivalent in this present scenario. He was in his infant stage, only 11 months old when his mother died. His upbringing has been done in maternal home till the age of 17th year. His upbringing, education and ethical learning has been done in the supervision of his maternal uncle Meer, Mashooq Ali Shah and Meer Mashooq Ali Shah and (Khalu) Ala-ud-din Shah, who was having spirituality and the qualities saint in his behavior.

His primary education teaching’s has been done in maternal hone along with the formal education of Hindi, English & Urdu. After the age of 17th years he has passed his Intermediate Vernacular exam in 1919 and passed a Drawing course in 1930 from Maharashtra. In addition, he has done M.G. Health course from Lalitpur and has completed a diploma course in homeopathy from Sargodha Punjab Medical College. In 1941 he has passed a teaching exam for teaching and basic education training from Allahabad.

In 1922 he became the disciple of Hazrat Maulana Syed Shah Mohammad Baqai (R.A.) at Kanpur for about 3 and a half he lived with his teacher (Shaikh) and followed his guiding principles and preachings. Being happy of his behavior and character, his teacher has given the responsibilities on his shoulder for teaching and guiding other disciples. In 1926, on Friday, his sheikh (teacher) has praied him with the responsibility of khilafat by announcing in the huge crowd in Karora Bauoni at Boagi town and named him, Mashood Ullah Shah. Later he added the surname ‘Baqai’ of his teacher to his name, to relate himself to his teacher (Shaikh).

In 1928 he has appointed as a Art Teacher in Thompson College which is now famous on the name of Shaheed-e-Azam Bhagat Singh Inter College. On getting the permission from his teacher, he has taken the responsibility of the college and permanently shifted to Gonda and lived their in a rented house for his whole life. He died on 31st August 1979, Friday after Salat-e-Juma 3:12 pm at Darul Uloom Yateemkhana Safvia, Colonelganj, Gonda. In the internal area of gate of Mashoodi and completed 75 years of his life. According to his will, his funeral has been done in the town of his Shaikh which is now famous by the name of Khankha-e-Mashhudia.

He always gives a lot of respect to Ulama-e-Ikram and Mashaikh and also told his disciples that Ulama are the heirs of Nabi (P.B.U.H.) therefore every muslim should respect them. He always helps orphans, widows, poor and passengers. He never wore shimmery or fashionable clothes and says that these types of cloths show’s proud which is not liked by the God. He spent a simple life and behave in a soft manner with all his superiors and inferiors

The social and cultural condition of Gonda was very poor, when he went there, at that time, people were unaware of Islamic rules and principles and were involved in the traditions of polytheism. To remove these, he started the promotional activities of Islam through his great abilities and spread the message of Islam (Tableegh) in Gonda and interior. By his untiring efforts and by the blessing of his patron and saints Islamic rules and regulations has been put in order between peoples. Mosque’s of the villages gets populated. Along with the promotion of Islam the also tries to improve the social and cultural issues. By interacting with the thieves, robbers and criminals he preached him and in this way thousand’s of people has confessed and chosen the right path of Islam. One of the good effect of his efforts was that a number females left prostitution and committed (Bait) to be on the way Islam and after that these women’s god married who are now living a respected life.

Without education none of the nation can grow. Hence, he has established Islamic schools (Madarsa) in many villages and the main centre of those schools was Darul Uloom Yateemkhana Safvia, Colonelganj, Gonda.

Life of Hazrat Baqai (A.R.) at a glance

1. Born on 1904
2. Place of Birth Historical Village Asiwan Shareef, Unnao, U.P.
3. Domestic Education 1915
4. Intermediate Vernacular Allahabad Board 1919
5. English Education Complete 1926
6. Bait 1922
7. Khilafat 1926
8. Job 1928
9. Retirement from Thompson Inter College 1960
10. Haj 1962
11. Quantity of Extra Curricular Certificate 14
12. Historical Name Zafar Alam
13. Famous Name Syed Mohammad Abdul Aleem Baqai
14. Father’s Name Hazrat Hafiz wa Qari Hakeem Munshi Mazhar Aleem Saheb
15. Disciple of Baqai Billah Mazhar kul Mazhar Ishq Hazrat Maulana Molvi Mohammad Baqa Ullah Shah Kareemi Khadimi, Safipuri.(Q.S.)
16. Estiblishment of Darul Uloom Yateemkhana Safvia 1904
17. Duration of Islamic promotion 55
18. Died on 31st August 1979/ 7th Shawwal 1399 (H)
19. Place of death Internal door of Mashhodi, main gate of Darul Uloom Yateemkhana Safvia
20. Time of Death 3:12 pm after Namaz-e-Juma
21. Last destination Khankah Mashhoodia, Qila Bazar, Safipur Shareef, Unnao

Family of Hazrat Baqai (R.A.)

  • Mr. Siddiq Umar Baqai (Akhtar Saheb), (Pakistan), Elder son.
  • Mr. Hasan Abdul Qadir Baqai S/0 Siddiq Umar Baqai (Pakistan)
  • Mr. Zinnurain Ali Athar Fanai, Heir (Janasheen) younger son.
  • Mr. Hussain Moin Uddin (Mohammad Shoeb Baqai) S/0 Athar Aleem Fanai.
  • Mr. Abid Qutub Uddin (Abid Baqai) S/0 Athar Aleem Baqai.
  • Mr. Qasim Aleem Uddin (Mashhudi Baqai) S/0 Athar Aleem Baqai.
  • Aleem Zinnurain (Mohsin Baqai) S/O Shoeb Baqai.
  • Qausain Baqai S/O Abid baqai.
  • Mrs. Farzana Athar (Lubna Baqai) D/0 Athar Aleem Baqai.
  • Mrs. Shabana Athar (Farha Baqai) D/0 Athar Aleem Baqai.
  • Miss. Armana Athar (Naziya Baqai) D/0 Athar Aleem Baqai.

Heir of Khilafat (Khulfa)

  • 1. Mr. Mehboob Ali Baqai
  • 2. Mr. Mohammad Waris Khadim Baqai
  • 3. Mr. Syed Riyaz Ali Alvi Baqai
  • 4. Mr. Syed Tahir Ali
  • 5. Haji Zinnurain (Athar Aleem Fanai)
  • 6. Haji Ghulam Mohammad Baqai
  • 7. Mr. Syed Ziya Uddin Baqai
  • 8. Mr. Syed Siddiq Umar (Akhtar Aleem Baqai)
  • 9. Mr. Mohammad Suleman Khan Baqai
  • 10. Mr. Molvi Rahmat Ullah Baqai
  • 11. Moulana Fasheeh-ur-Rehman Baqai
  • 12. Haji Khuda Baksh Baqai


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